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The Ketogenic Diet, Cancer, and the Massive Meta-Analysis – Episode 2

Colin Champ Video

In this episode, I discuss the recent massive meta-analysis of all of the available animal data assessing the interaction between the ketogenic diet, cancer, and whether it may help prevent and treat cancer. To access the full article, please click…
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Health Issues of Added Sugars and Our Hospitals – Do as I Say, Not as I Do

health issues of added sugars

A new article regarding the health issues of added sugar was recently posted in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In this article,1 Mike Mitka discusses many relevant and timely points – the dangers of excessive sugar consumption are now well-established…
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My Ketogenic Diet Protocol

Keto Breakfast

I bounce in and out of ketosis. Some prosper in perpetual ketosis, like Dominic P. D’Agostino and newborn babies (though if you know Dom, it is rather difficult to have him in the same sentence as newborn babies). Some adamantly refuse…
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Health, Happiness, and Social Networks

Health, Happiness, and social networks

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn Attributed to Jim Rohn, the late rags to riches entrepreneur and motivational speaker, the concept is one of my favorites. Newer scientific studies…
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Breast Cancer and Salt – Can Reducing Salt Increase our Risk?

breast cancer salt

There is little to no data on a connection between breast cancer and salt. Sugar, on the other hand, has been shown to be associated with breast cancer, and in my recent posts (here and here) I have been keying in…
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Breast Cancer and Sugar – Another Smoking Gun

Breast Cancer and Sugar

“Sugar feeds cancer.” We have all heard this a million times, yet what exactly do we do with this information? As data continue to accumulate, this question will eventually be answered with certainty. In fact, new data linking breast cancer…
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Chewing the Fat – For a Long, Healthy, and Happy Life

Chewing the Fat

I moved to Pittsburgh about three years ago. “The Burgh,” as locals call it, is both the city of champions and where I grew up. Since few people actually lived downtown thirty-five years ago, I was raised a short drive…
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Misguided Medicine – Second Edition out May 1st

Misguided Medicine

I’m happy to announce May 1, 2016 as the release date for the Second Edition of Misguided Medicine! Originally released in August 2014 as a passion project of mine in line with my fields of medical research and specialization, Misguided…
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Breast Cancer and Obesity – It’s About More than Weight

breast cancer and obesity

A recent article on breast cancer and obesity caught my eye. While over a year old, the article “Breast cancer risk in metabolically healthy but overweight postmenopausal women” from the journal Cancer Research adds to the pile of data connecting obesity with…
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