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Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor Episode 1

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What happens when you merge the worlds of doctor and personal trainer?
What do you find at the crossroads of medicine, theory and practice?


Introducing the Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor (RRCD) Podcast: Simplifying complex health issues for healthy living

Relentless Roger (Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness) and I are excited to announce Episode One of our new weekly podcast! Currently it is in a raw, impressionable stage, and we are looking for as much honest feedback as possible. The podcast exists to take our daily efforts in the physical world and distill usable information for you, the listener. Here’s to a fun, evolving journey ahead!
Click Here for Episode One
In the future you can expect a simple site dedicated to the podcast as well as iTunes access (currently going through the submission process).

In Episode One, Roger and Caveman Doctor:

    1. Introduce themselves and the RRCD Podcast
    2. Discuss Caveman Doctor’s Modern Caveman Diet Do’s and Don’ts
    3. Talk on the Implications of Burger King and Domino’s Pizza Announcements
    4. Discuss a Recent Keith Norris post: Workouts and Events
    5. Review a Week in Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset

More to Come from the RRCD Podcast!
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12 Responses to “RRCD Podcast 1”
  1. Carolyn says:

    Hey Roger & Colin. I am really excited to see you two are starting a podcast! I have been following CavemanDoctor.com for a couple months and recently joined the meet-up group in Philly. Me and my family are somewhat new to Paleo but totally on board with it. I have been obsessed with re-learning nutrition and incorporating “primal” living into our daily routines – following blogs like MDA, BalancedBites, Robb Wolf, reading books and listening to other podcasts.

    We were going to come to the meet-up tonight but unfortunately couldn’t secure a baby sitter, so we’ll have to meet you guys next time.

    It is great to see a voice coming out of Philly that I am familiar with! Can’t wait to listen to the podcast today!

  2. cavemandoctor says:

    Hi Carolyn,

    Great to hear about your obsession with paleo/primal/caveman nutrition and lifestyle! Trust me, the obsession only gets larger and larger with time…

    Sorry we can’t see you tonight, but look forward to seeing you and your fam at a future event.

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    • Carolyn says:

      You’re welcome! I just listened to the podcast on a walk break form work. Good stuff!

      The one thing that hit home with me is your philosophical take on how people source, cook and eat food these days. I just wrote a post about how my husband and I stopped making excuses for not having time to cook or not knowing where to find quality food. I would be curious to hear more from you about what questions are important to ask your farmers and more about resources locally or nationally to find quality food, etc. Perhaps a topic for a future podcast?

      Overall, great work. It was a nice mix of topics. I enjoyed the headlines portion – mostly because I don’t watch the news any more – too stressful and we got rid of our cable box to save some cash (and to get off the couch!).

      • cavemandoctor says:

        I agree! I mostly ignore the news as it never changes. Thanks for the comments. We just finished podcast 2 and will be posting shortly.


  3. Gary says:

    Enjoyed the podcast! Thanks a lot! If you get a chance, I’d love to hear you and Roger talk about workout supplements. I’ve been massively confused for some time about whether or not whey protein is acceptable in the paleo/caveman world. I currently have a whey supplement that is derived from grass-fed cows not treated with antiobotics. It’s got a list of only three or four ingredients, the most egregious of which seems to be stevia; still, I can’t help but look at that white detritus and think, ingredients notwithstanding, there’s no way isolated and powderized protein should be in a caveman diet. Trouble is, I find it really hard from the standpoint of both time and money to prepare a meal and bring it with me to the gym to consume post-workout. I’d love to know what you guys think about how to manage this stuff.

    Thanks again!

    • cavemandoctor says:


      Thanks for your comments. This is an area where I get a ton of questions and it absolutely has to be addressed. I am also going to do a post on things to look for in protein supplements. I do consume whey protein, similar to what you listed above and I definitely feel guilty at times about it. Recently, I have been using stevia-free (unsweetened) mix and putting it with berries in a smoothie to offset the flavor. It is definitely a balance of trying to minimize how unnatural these supplements are. My diet and lifestyle is pretty clean otherwise, so I tell myself if this is one of my non-caveman foods, all-in-all, it’s not too bad. It still doesn’t sit 100% with me…

      However, I agree that the convenience factor is huge. Also, I drink one before a workout if I am trying to get my muscle mass up (which is usually always) and eating a meal before a hard workout is a disaster for me.

      We will explore this topic more in the future. Thanks for your great comments and questions.

  4. cn says:

    Hi CD,
    I noticed you said you don’t eat beans, just curious why?

    It would be nice if you could do a video. People usually like to see a face if they’re listening to an interview. If you can’t is OK, but I feel like you definitely need some sort of visual…I’m not sure what. Maybe a picture of Roger and Caveman Doc!

    Great work!

    • cavemandoctor says:


      So I don’t eat beans for similar reasons as to why I abstain from grains. They contain decent amounts of lectins and phytates. Though soaking and sprouting can minimize this, I generally eat a low carbohydrate diet, and beans are very carbohydrate dense, which would cause me to have to limit the other vital carbohydrate sources like leafy greens and even berries. The other big issue for me is that I try to avoid any foods that don’t sit right with me. The GI issues most people have from beans (due mostly to indigestible carbs in them) tell me that my body is not happy with beans, so I avoid them.

      Many people tell me they have no issues with beans and become impassioned about eating them, so I have left them a gray area, though I think there is compelling evidence to avoid them.

      P.S. Video footage may be in the works…

      I hope this helps. Thanks for the comments!

  5. Deanie says:

    I am so thrilled to have found your website this week (linked through a post at Robb Wolf’s blog). I have been following a paleo template for my nutritional plan for six months now and I will never look back. I’ve been reading as many posts as I can this week, and looking up the studies referenced! I wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful information you bring together for us. I am so happy to have discovered your site in the early stages of the podcast.

    • cavemandoctor says:


      Glad you like the site and keep up the good work with your diet. My time has been a little tight lately but will hopefully have some more articles coming out soon.

      Thanks again!

  6. Jordyn says:

    Hi CDR!

    I just started listening to your podcast (starting from the first) and I love them! Keep up the good work!


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