Fat Burning Man Interview

Caveman Doctor was recently interviewed by Abel James on his Fat-Burning Man Show. Abel’s show has been number one on iTunes, and this is no surprise as he is an amazing host that really brings up some important topics in the Paleo and low-carb world. Click here for the official Fat Burning Man Show page, which has the show notes and interview.


On the show, Abel and Dr. Champ discussed some random, but interesting topics, including:


  • How sweet foods may be more addictive than cocaine
  • Why bodybuilders know more about nutrition than your doctor
  • Why you should supplement with sea vegetables and kelp to optimize thyroid function
  • Why meatheads in the weight room carry less fat than people on the treadmill
  • How you can reduce your risk of cancer by sleeping well
    Overall, Abel was a great host and it was a fun interview. Dr. Champ hopes you enjoy it.

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  1. Jamie

    you mentioned that you’re eat a good amount of pink salt because they’re a good source of minerals I agree, but what about for people who have high blood pressure or have an unhealthy liver? how much salt is OK? Please advise.

    1. cavemandoctor (Post author)


      Article coming out on this tomorrow so stay tuned. It will cover the blood pressure issue.


  2. kem

    Nice rave. I would have liked you as my radio consultant a few years ago… some good ideas to not have a next time. ta.

    1. cavemandoctor (Post author)

      Haha thank Kem!

  3. ayoubarade

    thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Eric. W

    I love the pink salt and I don’t worry about eating too much of it, but I do worry about eating too much sugar. It took me a while to stop putting sugar into my coffee, and I feel way better without it.

    Another issue with thyroid function is too much fluoride and its effect on iodine.

    1. cavemandoctor (Post author)

      I agree. We discussed this in a podcast. One of the many health issues of fluoride.

  5. Ed R

    Pink salt is a good alternative to the regular stuff. I did some digging around and found out that it is a lot healthier for you. Thanks to your mention of it cavemandoctor. I also kept wondering why I was gaining unwanted weight but I was only eating maybe once or twice a day (the wrong things). I found out that if I ate the right things and ate more times a day that I started shedding pounds and inches. Also there are fat burning foods that can help with weight loss when included in my daily diet. It has been a process but I am getting there!!!


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