Podcast 17: High Intensity What?

What happens when you merge the worlds of doctor and personal trainer?
What do you find at the crossroads of medicine, theory and practice?
Roger Colin 300x200 Podcast 17: High Intensity What?

The Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor (RRCD) Podcast:  Simplifying complex issues for healthy living


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The podcast exists to take our daily efforts in the physical world and distill usable information for you, the listener.

In Episode #17 Roger and Dr. Champ:

11 Responses to “Podcast 17: High Intensity What?”
  1. kem says:

    Thanks mates fror another great podcast. May I lend my support to waking with enough time to small the roses and to eat properly. I reckon that those that can’t deal with breakfast are missing out big time. Certainly missing out on the three egg vegie and cheese omlette, sausage, fried spuds, kefir and of course, bulletproof coffee.

    A question: My beautiful wife and I have been supplementing with magnesium this winter in the outdoor bath, we think (magnesium chloride is a cheap cattle supplement). I cant’t find any literature on transdermal magnesium, just a few ads and some raving by Ben Greenfield. The combonation of Mg, hot water and star gazing is serioiusly soporific, at any rate.

    • cavemandoctor says:

      Hi Kem,

      I haven’t seem much either, though I have heard people use it for constipation. The ads go on and on about it, but the science is sparse…


  2. PJ says:

    You guys are terrific! I have been listening to your podcasts since I heard you on Jimmie Moore’s. You have such a great style and interplay that it makes it easy and fun to listen to you guys. I hope you will continue for a very, very long time.

    I am listening to your latest podcast and heard the discussion about stevia, (which, by the way is pronounced with a short e, not a long e). It concerns me that you expressed concern about it’s future safety, comparing it to aspartame. Stevia has a history of over 1500 years of use, whereas aspartame has a history of maybe a few shaky decades. Granted, the entire leaf is usually consumed. Stevia is grown as a plant, whereas aspartame is manufactured in a lab. Ethical companies will perform a natural extraction process of the stevia leaf with no added garbage. I don’t think stevia and aspartame are even in the same galaxy of sweeteners and cannot be compared.

    Okay, done being nit picky!

    • cavemandoctor says:


      Thanks for the info and comments. Great points, though I do wonder when we see stevia or luo han guo on the ingredient list how much that translates to ground up leaf or some other factory produced substance. I still agree that it’s likely much better than aspartame.

      Thanks again,

  3. girl interrupted says:

    I think i understand why caveman doc is so cautious of what he eats and so determine to eat healthy unprocessed foods. I was in the hospital today because my dad is having surgery and I witnessed very sick people walking with aids in the hallway while I was trying to get my father a different nurse. It makes you realized that life is very fragile and you can lose your health at any moment. I’ll try to remember this the next time I tempted to eat sugar or ice cream!

    I’m so glad I found this site very educational! Thanks Champ!

  4. Phil says:

    At 28 minutes in you mention you’re currently happy with 3x 30-minute workouts a week.

    I’m currently doing about 2x 1-hour free weight workouts and 1x 30-minute bodyweight workout + sprint session per week and am wondering if trimming a little time off my hour-long workouts would be beneficial.

    What do your workouts consist of?

    Great podcast fellas. Keep up the great work!

    • cavemandoctor says:

      Hi Phil,

      I do weights 4 times per week (about 45 mins to an hour), sprints 1 time per week, and long distance walking 1-2 times per week. It sounds not too different from your routine. Roger is hitting up the 3×30 routine because he is working some crazy hours, but it seems to be working well for him.


  5. Eizen says:

    Wait I thought holding in your stomach (rigid abs) was something good to do. Now you suggest to breath by pushing out my stomach? :( I’ll look pregnant and I’m not a female lol
    This is probably a question I want ask Roger but I’ll probably have to provide a pic/video for demonstration purposes (having some abs and a belly).

    • cavemandoctor says:

      Rigid abs and belly breathing are separate entities. You can still have tensed abs and belly breath. It actually doesn’t push out your belly much to be honest. Definitely send Roger a video haha.


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