Episode 39: Red Meat has it Rough

What happens when you merge the worlds of doctor and personal trainer?
What do you find at the crossroads of medicine, theory and practice?

The Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor (RRCD) Podcast:  Simplifying complex issues for healthy living


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The podcast exists to take our daily efforts in the physical world and distill usable information for you, the listener.

In Episode #39 Roger and Dr. Champ Discuss:


  1. mindi

    I heart the Caveman Doctor.

  2. Tray

    I love your Podcast! I have listened and learned from the start. Paleo has changed my life. 40 years of asthma cleaned up and mostly cured in 8 months and now I take no drugs! I have no seasonal allergies and still feel like I am at the beginning of the journey. I listen to many Paleo pods and yours is my favorite.

    I also appreciate that I can listen with my kids in the car too! Thank you.

    However, I was quite taken back by Keith Norris saying “Paleo needs a Che”. The world does not need nor deserve the likes of Che Guevara. You guys did not say it or agree with the statement but it should not stand unchallenged


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