Relentless exercise challenges

Podcast 53 – Check Yourself


What happens when you merge the worlds of doctor and personal trainer?
What do you find at the crossroads of medicine, theory and practice?

The Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor (RRCD) Podcast:  Simplifying complex issues for healthy living


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The podcast exists to take our daily efforts in the physical world and distill usable information for you, the listener.

In Episode #53 Roger and Dr. Champ Discuss:


  1. Patty

    You guys need to stop dissing the egg coffee until you have tried it! I hate, hate, HATE the texture of eggs in any way, shape, or form, but it is such an exquisite and economical source of protein that I have tried to incorporate it into my diet anyway. This coffee is the solution. Mixed into a cup of stovetop espresso with some cinnamon and a dash of cream, it is a rich, satisfying liquid protein bomb that cannot be beat. You do not taste the egg, it just makes your coffee very velvety and rich. I drink it at 8 in the morning and go well past 3 in the afternoon without any hunger pangs, also fortifying my workout in a phenomenal way via the easily digested protein, no solid stuff in my gut, and, last but not least, the charge of the caffeine. Just to be fair, you cannot comment on what you have not tried. You may have to eat your words! Thanks again, guys, for all your great info!

    1. cavemandoctor (Post author)

      Haha, ok fair enough. I will give it a try…


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