Fasting, the Ketogenic Diet and AMP-K: The New Kid on the Block


When I was growing up in the 80s, New Kids on the Block were a massive hit. Yet, I never understood why, nor was I interested in their music. With behemoths like Michael Jackson and Milli Vanilli, who had time for NKOTB? In fact, I even saw Milli Vanilli live in concert and it was […]

Ketogenic Diet and Vegetarianism: Can They Coexist?


The interest in the hot, but controversial ketogenic diet has been growing on a daily basis. The diet consists of mostly fat (generally 70% of the diet or more), with generally lesser amounts of protein and a minimal amount of carbohydrates. During this carbohydrate-restricted diet, blood glucose (sugar) levels eventually fall. Glycogen, which is a […]

Fasting and Cancer: Has Nature Provided a Treatment All Along?


As a radiation oncologist, my research generally involves studying ways to make radiation therapy work better to kill cancer cells with fewer side effects. Oftentimes, this includes reducing the dose or potentially eliminating radiation therapy or other treatments altogether. However, as a promoter of natural health, including a healthy diet and high activity levels, I […]

Do Antibiotics Cause Cancer? Part II


“If all the medicine in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be bad for the fish and good for humanity”  -Oliver Wendell Holmes   Last week we discussed the important function of our normal bowel bacteria. This week, we take a look at the connection between our bowel bacteria, antibiotics, and cancer. […]

Antibiotics, Cancer and Fecal (yes, fecal) Transplants


Around a decade ago, a group of researchers revealed compelling data that antibiotics may be linked to breast cancer.1 Specifically, after analyzing the records of over 10,000 women, they found an increased risk of breast cancer and fatal breast cancer with an increased usage of antibiotics. As antibiotics are regularly prescribed medications, such a finding […]

Is Your Life “On Call”? Five Life Lessons from an Oncologist


I love my job. I love taking care of my patients, many of whom are terminally ill the first time I meet them. They are often seeing me to soothe their pain so they can spend their remaining days with their families, with dignity, and with some independence. It is difficult to express through words […]

Dr. Champ at IHMC Evening Lecture Series


Watch the video on YouTube. Augmenting Cancer Therapy with Diet: Have We Found a Sweet Spot? Dr. Champ was recently invited to present his research on the link between diet and cancer diagnosis and treatment at Florida’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Ocala, Fla. The engaging talk was received by a standing-room only […]

Take the Pledge for Breast Cancer Awareness


With breast cancer awareness month recently coming to a close, there is no better time to stress the importance of women taking their health into their own hands. As discussed last week, the entire point of breast cancer awareness is often lost and celebrated through cookies, cakes, and other things that can actually lead to […]

Breasts, Sugar Cookies, and Cancer Centers

Breast Cancer Awareness

  As a radiation oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, the month of October is always a special time for me. For those of you who do not know, October is breast cancer awareness month. This annual campaign stands to promote awareness of breast cancer along with increasing the encouragement of women to take the […]

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Where We Stand


  The ketogenic diet has recently taken off as a potential treatment option for many medical issues, including obesity, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disease.   The potent improvement in metabolic dysfunction in those who are overweight or have coronary artery disease and those with other metabolic health issues has been shown multiple times in many important […]


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