A Glass a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Five Benefits of Red Wine You Never Knew


Time to pass on the holiday sweets, and go for the healthier, more rewarding option – a savory glass of red wine. I hit an epic writer’s block this week. Oftentimes I have trouble deciding which topic to write about for the week, only to see an interesting scientific article pop up on my feed, […]

The Holiday Hard Stop


When my editor read this article, she said overall it was “good, but rather cranky.” I decided to keep most of it as is, so I hope you enjoy it…   Over the holidays, the wheels come off for many people with regards to diet and lifestyle. Most people claim that after the holidays and […]

Cleaning out Your Closet

Caveman Doctor Refrigerator

Many carnivorous animals eat their prey while it is still moving — heart beating and all — as seen on nature channels when lions overtake zebras, and cheetahs feast on gazelles. Other prey eat their victims shortly after death. Vultures may be the rare exceptions that eat animals that have been dead for several days. […]

Do You Deserve Your Dinner Tonight?

Meat & Potatoes

Do We Deserve Dinner Tonight?   This thought rarely, if ever, crosses our minds nowadays. Though, that was not always the case for humankind or in some parts of the world currently. Many people have to walk several miles, hunt animals, or travel extended distances to gather vegetables to fill their plates. Some take a […]

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Where We Stand


  The ketogenic diet has recently taken off as a potential treatment option for many medical issues, including obesity, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disease.   The potent improvement in metabolic dysfunction in those who are overweight or have coronary artery disease and those with other metabolic health issues has been shown multiple times in many important […]

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Bone Broth

  My article this week focuses on one of my favorite and rarely discussed benefits of fat: conjugated linoleic acid.   For simplicity, we will call it CLA, and to stress its importance, one of the many studies looking to supplement it to fight cancer, diabetes, or obesity recently took place.1 It showed some potential […]

Hormesis: The “Healthy” Stress?


  For millions of years, humans have been surrounded by stressful and unfavorable events and times, ranging from plagues and droughts to periods of war and starvation.   Most would consider these events anything but good, and few would consider them beneficial in any way. But what if some so-called terrible, stressful events actually were […]

Ten Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers

Sewickley Farmers' Market

  As summer has come to a close and the vibrant hues of the autumn leaves are in full swing, we know winter is around the corner. Fall marks an enjoyable season for many people with the holidays approaching to give way to the New Year. For those with health and good food on our […]

A Body Sculpted by History


    Caveman Doctor was recently eating some liver that he acquired in a hunt. Ok, he bought it from a local farmer whose cows roam the land eating grass, and he avoids the use of pesticides and antibiotics, but close enough.  During the feast with his fellow caveman, Roger, they were discussing the diet of […]

Salt: Collateral Damage in the War on Fat

Mounds of healthy sea salt

Caveman Doctor recently came upon a giant piece of pink rock salt while scaling the Himalayas.  While trading salt normally gets him some decent meat for his family, the pink stuff will likely get him a prized cut of some fatty mammoth meat.  Salt is a prized possession as it is well known to be […]


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