1.1 Million Visitors!!!

The CDR Health and Nutrition team would like to thank you all for your support over the past 20 months as cavemandoctor.com has taken off. We have reached over one million readers several weeks ago and did not even realize it!   Dr. Champ has been busy with his career, but the team expects to […]

Surrounding Ourselves with Carcinogens: When in Rome

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  Caveman Doctor watches very little television (ever since the National Geographic living room fiasco on ’95).  However, he was recently watching Rome, which along with John Adams and Parks and Recreation, is possibly the greatest show ever created.  They actually ran out of money and crammed several seasons into Season 2, providing Caveman Doctor […]

Ancestral Health 2012 Poster Presentation

    Ancestral Health 2012 Relentless Roger and Caveman Doctor will be discussing a full recap of the symposium in their next podcast. However, for all that weren’t at the Ancestral Health Symposium this year or missed Dr. Champ’s poster presentation, we have posted a picture and the pdf, which is better quality. Click here […]

100,000 Hits!

CavemanDoctor.com reached 100,000 hits today! Thanks to all my readers for your continued support!

Not So Fast: The Potential Negatives of Intermittent Fasting

  Michael Ristow, Hormesis, and Do We Even Need to Fast if we are Low-Carb?   Caveman Doctor has recently received many emails (whatever an email is) from readers asking about intermittent fasting. From information online, you would think that intermittent fasting is the key to heal all health ailments. Also, fasting for those of […]

Bariatric Surgery vs. Medical Therapy in Diabetes

  Yesterday, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published two important and revolutionary studies examining the surgical management of diabetic patients.  Both studies compared bariatric surgery with conventional medical treatment of diabetes in obese patients.  As the NEJM often does with important studies, an editorial followed.  These significant studies showed some dramatic results in […]

It’s time animal rights activists and modern cavemen unite

Quite the land to roam

  A Conversation with Prescott Frost I recently spoke with Prescott Frost, the great-grandson of Robert Frost, who is an organic grass-fed beef rancher and online butcher extraordinaire. He paints a picture of humans, animals, and nature coexisting in harmony. This isn’t about being vegan or carnivorous, it’s about the food system being broken and […]

Autophagy: Turning Stress into Health


Caveman Doctor is going to shift gears here and progress from his days as a member of H. erectus to H. sapien in an effort to get a little more cerebral.  This article gets a little (ok a lot) sciency, however, I think the topic should be discussed at length because there is a lot […]

Cooking in Under 10 Minutes


Caveman Doctor receives many emails (whatever an email is) from readers saying they don’t have enough time to cook these caveman foods, especially vegetables. Caveman Doctor usually spends about 10 minutes cooking his vegetables, and at the most (if he’s feeling crazy) 15 minutes. Often he eats his vegetables raw or soaks them in vinegar […]

What’s a Cow Share and How Can I get Involved?

Caveman Doctor is very excited to celebrate this memorable day. What are we celebrating, you may be asking yourself? Today is the one millionth anniversary of the first time Caveman Doctor bagged a Woolly Mammoth on a hunting trip with his clan. While we are not celebrating killing an animal (vegetarians, if any of you […]


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