Misguided Medicine Going Local and Nationwide


  The book tour has begun for Dr. Champ’s recently published Misguided Medicine! While it has been an extremely busy and exciting time, the support he has been receiving regarding the book and the tour has been unbelievable. Dr. Champ started his tour at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Berkeley, CA where he was able […]

Podcast 72 – Misguided Medicine


In Episode 72 Roger and Dr. Champ Discuss: The basis of our fat recommendations: Dietary fat and the risk of breast cancer Cohort Studies of Fat Intake and the Risk of Breast Cancer — A Pooled Analysis The New Relentless Transformation Program 5-Minutes of Exercise a Day   The Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor […]

Dr. Champ Unveils New Book Release


MISGUIDED MEDICINE:The truth behind ill-advised medical recommendations and how to take health back into your hands New book available on Amazon in August 2014 Misguided Medicine: Are you confused as to why the foods and actions of your parents and grandparents are now considered unhealthy, yet they lived in health to an old age? Are […]

Overweight or Obese? Maybe it’s not just you

Real Food Pyramid Header

Caveman Doctor was recently arguing with another physician about the cause of the obesity epidemic.  Caveman Doctor was trying to explain that people are “eating too many carbohydrates and modern/processed foods”, while the other doctor was falling back on the typical conventional wisdom.  He kept saying things like it’s all about calories in (what we […]

Checking Your Oil: The Definitive Guide to Cooking with Fat

Cooking Fats and Oils_headliner

  Caveman Doctor posted several weeks ago on the “internet” (whatever that is) about these so called “healthy” vegetable oils.  Since then, he has received many emails asking which oils and fats are best to cook with.  He also received many comments regarding grass-fed butter and if he is scared to eat this “dangerous” saturated […]

The Caveman Doctor Diet


    The Modern Caveman Diet: What Would a Caveman Do? The Modern Caveman Diet is a dietary and lifestyle routine with its principles rooted in the fact that we have spent over 99% of our existence on earth as hunter-gatherers. Agriculture is a new phenomenon (less than 10,000 years old) and has introduced many […]

The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Image by: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net. http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=587

Caveman Doctor recently traveled to a foreign country to celebrate his brother’s wedding.  It was an amazing event, taking place in his fiancé’s hometown.  Immediately after catching a cab at the airport to his cave hotel, the cabbie started talking food with him.  Actually, he started talking beef.  This fortuitous coincidence was unprovoked mind you, […]

Insulin, Carbohydrates, Obesity, and More Insulin


Last Friday night after a long week of work, Caveman Cancer Doc was beat.  While he strives to constantly avoid chronic stress, there was just too much this week and he couldn’t avoid it.  He worked hard all week and needed to relax.  He met up with some friends who were eating ice cream.  Caveman […]


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