Media Appearances

Dr. Champ has been invited for interviews on several podcasts and radio shows, including the following:
Jimmy Moore interviews Doctor Champ on “Ask The Low Carb Experts”. They discuss the topic of ketogenic diets and cancer. They get into the details on how a ketogenic may work to enhance tradtional treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Click here for the official episode webpage.

Guest host Jimmy Moore of the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Blog & Podcast returns to UW Radio for a roundtable with Paleo experts including Stefani Ruper, Dean Dwyer, Dr. Colin Champ, and Abel James. The gang discusses the importance of the Paleo and Real Food blogosphere, critiques of the low-carb diet, and important steps you can take to find the diet that is right for YOU. Click here for the official interview, or here for Jimmy Moore’s page and show notes.

On August 14, 2012, Episode 599: Roger Dickerman and Dr. Colin Champ Bring A Fresh Perspective To Paleo Podcasting

On August 19, 2012 Cary Nosler talks with Dr. Colin Champ about The Caveman Doctor. Return to the natural and embrace the primal side of health as Cary and Dr. Champ discuss returning to your roots.

Dr. Champ was interviewed on Get Better Wellness on the topic of a caveman diet and cancer, and he answered several questions regarding whether a ketogenic diet can fight cancer. He was then asked to return for a second interview, where he was asked if a caveman diet can fight cancer and which environmental toxins and plastics we should avoid to help in the fight versus cancer.

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