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This site takes a different look at health and nutrition. It searches deeper than conventional wisdom and recommendations that were constructed by a committee of government officials with no medical or dietary background. Instead it turns to the history of us, i.e. what we have eaten for millions of years, what has worked for us in the past, and what the current data supports. In doing so, it also analyzes what health measures actually work for people under the confines of our present society and focuses on empowering people to make their own health decisions. Many hunter-gatherers ate differing amounts of macronutrients, but one thing is for sure: they didn’t eat modern processed foods, sugar, grains, and refined oils. And the carbohydrates they ate were markedly different from those of our modern society, which is why carbohydrates are the first foods we should limit in order to lose fat and optimize health.

Some Basic Principles:

Our modern cavemen like the Inuit, Masaai, and several other societies dating back to the early 20th century had very little disease, obesity, and cancer. Hunter-gatherers like the Nukak, Anbarra, Onge, Arnhem, Ache and Hiwi, !Kung, and Hadza ate a diet of primarily fat and to a lesser degree protein and carbohydrates. They give us a glimpse into our history and what aspects of our lifestyle may be healthiest for us currently. For more info, please read The Caveman Doctor Diet.
In following what our body is meant to process, we don’t do a couple things that conventional wisdom clings to:

  • 1. We don’t “fear the fat” as humans have been eating it for millions of years.
  • 2. Instead, we “curb the carbs”, as excessive amounts are largely to blame for the obesity epidemic of our nation and the addictive eating behaviors that have run rampant.
  • 3. We ignore the food pyramid and plate and don’t base our diet on carbohydrates. We especially avoid grains, as we have only been eating them for around 6-10,000 years.
  • 4. We still consume carbohydrates, but increase or decrease them based on desired fat loss, as we have personally and professionally watched the level of carbohydrate intake correlate with excess body-fat.
  • 5. We avoid sugar, a food that is poisonous to our body and instead focus on leafy greens, colorful vegetables, berries, and sweet potatoes.
  • 6. We fully acknowledge that sugar and some carbohydrates like grains are extremely addictive and only those with the highest amount of willpower are able to eat such foods in moderation. We are not these people and as a result, we admit defeat and rarely eat these foods, if ever. Coincidentally, these same foods are very detrimental to our health.
  • 8. We take a common sense, simplified approaches at analyzing data and making conclusions about those things that affect our health. For instance, if pesticides kill animals and insects, it is naive to think they won’t be harmful to us.
  • 9. We get plenty of sleep and try not to sweat the small stuff.
  • 10. We fully acknowledge that there is likely no right answer. As a result we have taken a combination of the literature, personal and professional experience, and common sense to simplify the complex subject of health and nutrition. You have every right to disagree with us and we encourage a dialogue.
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