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The book tour has begun for Dr. Champ’s recently published Misguided Medicine! While it has been an extremely busy and exciting time, the support he has been receiving regarding the book and the tour has been unbelievable. Dr. Champ started his tour at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Berkeley, CA where he was able to catch up with some old friends such as best-selling author Nora Gedgaudas from Primal Body, Primal Mind and Darryl Edwards, “The Fitness Explorer.”

Darryl and Dr. Champ are always happy to see other, and as always, Darryl tossed someone over his shoulder...

Darryl and Dr. Champ are always happy to see other, and as always, Darryl tossed someone over his shoulder…

Local in Pittsburgh

Most recently, Dr. Champ held an extremely successful book signing at a local Pittsburgh farmers’ market, Farmers at the Firehouse, this past weekend. The amount of people attempting to take health into their own hands by eating real food while supporting local farms was beyond encouraging. Notably, many fans of the Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor Podcast were present for the signing, making the experience even more special. Be sure to check out and support your local farmers’ markets to pick up some delicious farm-fresh foods as many fruits and vegetables are approaching their peak harvest season!

The Farmers' market signing was Dr. Champ

The farmers’ market book signing was Dr. Champ’s
best experience thus far.

Do You Want Dr. Champ to Visit Near You?

If you are interested in receiving an autographed copy of the book, making bulk purchases or would like to set up a book signing with Dr. Champ in your neck of the woods, please contact .

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