Podcast 75 – Breakfast of Champions

In Episode 75 Roger and Dr. Champ Discuss:


  1. William

    Hi Guys. Question for your next podcast:
    I live in a pretty small town in Denmark and the only real option i have for a gym is a local crossfit affiliate. I wanted to hear your thoughts on how you can use crossfit as a healthy supplement to generally trying to be active. I normally go 2-3 times per week and try to recover fully between visits, but not knowing what you’re going to be faced with makes it a bit of a gamble.
    For the record, I am 40 and in reasonable shape. I work full time and have 2 small kids.

    1. William

      Thanks for answering my question. Now I’m really looking forward to reading your book :)

  2. Gary

    Since you asked for questions for next week’s podcast, here’s one…

    The question of whether to vaccinate your children may not seem related to the Paleo movement, but there’s an overlap between a belief in the principles of ancestral eating and a distrust of vaccines. The “do as our ancestors did” creed can just as easily be applied to shirking the government’s recommended vaccine schedule as it can to disregarding its grain-heavy dietary recommendations. The logic goes, “Cavemen didn’t eat grains, and cavemen didn’t pump their kids full of synthetic vaccinations”. I’ve noticed an unusually high number of Paleo-eaters who are apt to question the safety of vaccinations. But the spirit of much of the Paleo movement is rooted in science, and science has proven the efficacy and safety of these vaccines. So it presents an interesting dilemma for the Paleo community: do you embrace the science and shelf your instincts to avoid the trappings of modernity, or do you question the science and honor your instincts to live in a more ancestral fashion?

    I realize it’s a polarizing, heated topic, but I’d love to hear your take on this.

    All the best,

    1. Kelly

      Agree with Gary, would love to hear your thoughts on vaccines :) Love the podcast.

  3. Kerry Thuett

    Do you think the symptoms of menopause as experienced by the average American female eating the standard American diet and being treated by the medical establishment as it now stands are actually symptoms of a disease of modern civilization? Are the “typical” symptoms likely a result of the natural body changes mixed with the poor lifestyle, health, and nutrition of the standard American female, or are they inherent in being a human female. As a 46 year old female, I am wondering what to expect of my body in the near future regarding hot flashes, mood changes, fatigue, clarity of thought, muscle loss, fat gain, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, etc. I DO NOT want to experience these adverse effects of aging! I am 5′ 3″, weight 135lbs, have 20% body fat (according to DXA), eat less than 40 g carbohydrates daily (total calories about 2000; carbs limited to the evening), all food is clean-sourced and nutrient dense (Paleo/primal if you will). I meditate, sleep soundly eight to nine hours nightly, and exercise three to four days a week doing power lifting and gymnastics along with the once weekly 10-15 minutes of HIIT. Any thoughts on how a woman living this lifestyle paradigm will fare in the perimenopausal and postmenopausal years? Also, do you like my question? Are my chances of winning one in three as you mentioned? :-)

  4. Austin Newsam


    Long time listener! I’ve listened to about every episode of the podcast and look forward to them every week. My name is Austin and I am an undergraduate premed student studying biology. I have been keeping up the ancestral health movement for the past two years, attending AHS 2013 & 2014, and consistently find that the knowledge and research shared by the community matches hand in hand with physiology I am learning in school. Everything makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint! I aspire to be the next generation caveman doctor like you Dr. Champ!

    My question is addressed to Dr. Champ having gone through the medical education process but would love your input too, Roger!

    – Where would be a good starting place to to make a difference and bring awareness to ancestral health? Dr. Champ, when did you start researching evolutionary health and how did you go about networking with other colleagues in the field? With only being a college student I know my resources are limited, but I would love to start making a difference now. Perhaps compile a review of the literature for my senior thesis?

    Appreciate you guys!

  5. J

    Are you guys ever coming back? Loved your podcasts.

    1. cavemandoctor (Post author)

      we are back – thanks!!


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