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Fasting and Cancer: Has Nature Provided a Treatment All Along?

As a radiation oncologist, my research generally involves studying ways to make radiation therapy work better to kill cancer cells with fewer side effects. Oftentimes, this includes reducing the dose or potentially eliminating radiation therapy or other treatments altogether. However, as a promoter of natural health, including a healthy diet and high activity levels, I am constantly studying ways to kill and stop cancer cells through lifestyle alone (both personally and professionally). One of these methods is dietary fasting. 


Dr. Champ IHMC Evening Lecture Series: Augmenting Cancer Therapy with Diet Video

Dr. Champ was recently invited to present his research on the link between diet and cancer diagnosis and treatment at Florida’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Ocala, Fla. The engaging talk was received by a standing-room only audience of over 400 people along with a 15-minute question and answer session following. In the field of oncology, a lot of interest is being placed on nontoxic methods to enhance treatment. One of these, may be something we all engage in on a daily basis: diet. The influence of diet on cancer has been known for nearly a century, but its ability to enhance the treatment of cancer is a new area in cancer research that could be a powerful nontoxic addition to current treatments if proven to be effective.


Eat Your Heart Out: The Health Benefits of Organ Meats

When I give presentations on diet and cancer, I often reference an encounter several of my friends had with the Masaai during a trip to Africa. They spent a day at the Masaai village soaking in their culture and observing a day in the life of a modern hunter-gatherer. As would be expected, they enjoyed the experience very much and to thank the tribesman for their hospitality, my friends presented them with a live goat. The Maasai thanked them for their gift, and the proceeded to…






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