Podcast 78 – You Know What to Do

Podcast 78: You Know What to Do


    The Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor Podcast:
    Simplifying complex issues for healthy living


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    What happens when you merge the worlds of doctor and personal trainer?
    What do you find at the crossroads of medicine, theory and practice?

    The RRCD podcast exists to take our daily efforts in the physical world and distill usable information for you, the listener.



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  1. Keith

    Great to hear your podcast again! I thought you guys just got too busy to keep it up. Anyway, this a comment on our misguided healthcare system. I’ve been Paleo for 5 years. In that time I haven’t had as much as a cold so I no longer have a family physician. But I recently got a sinus infection (after eating a bunch of carbs experimenting with carb backloading) that spread to “pink eye” in both eyes. I first went to a walk in clinic that prescribed an antibiotic that I took for 10 days reluctantly. The infection persisted. I went back to the clinic and had a different doctor and nurse. The doctor asked my symptoms and commented on my overall good health. I said that my health had greatly improved after switching to a high saturated fat, whole foods diet. The nurse and doctor looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. The doctor then wanted to prescribe a much stronger antibiotic for the sinus infection. I said I really didn’t want to take something that could drastically impact my gut biome, especially since the infection seemed just as likely to be viral and not bacterial. I asked if there was something I could put directly in my sinuses or into my eyes that wouldn’t cause systemic issues. The obese and gaunt 30 year old nurse rolled her eyes. The doctor was clearly annoyed but gave me antibiotic eye drops for the eyes, a steroid inhaler for the sinuses and wrote the script for the stronger antibiotics “just in case.” I first tried just the eye drops which caused an explosion of the pink eye on the first night. I tried to call the doctor to see what was going on but got a message that no calls would be returned. I ended up chucking all their meds and going with a homeopathic protocol recommended on a message board. It worked great. I got more relief in 2 days then from 3 weeks of “traditional” care. As I was leaving their office, I heard the nurse tell the doctor.” I thought he was about 30 like me– he’s 50!”. Yet they both had no intellectual curiosity about why I was healthier than their standard patients and both had disdain that I would actually have an opinion about what types of care I was willing to receive. FYI, the antibiotic the doctor prescribed now has a class action lawsuit for the problems it has caused from as little as a single dose.

  2. Old School Paleo

    Wow, you’re back! This is like when you find out your favorite band is getting back together! No wait, this is better because neither of you are being replaced by some washed-up, has-been drummer from a 90’s boy band.


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