The Mediterranean Ketogenic Lifestyle

Many of us have been promoting a ketogenic diet for years – and that includes both strict and continual ketosis, or the often-preferable low carb diet that fluctuates through intermittent states of ketosis. Initially people like Jeff Volek were laughed…
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Six Rules for Choosing Healthy Chocolate

As a health nut, low-carb and keto advocate, and strong proponent of bitter foods to maximize my health and help prevent cancer, I turn to chocolate as my number one dessert. If selected properly, dark chocolate provides a plethora of…
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Meat, Dairy, Eggs, and Cancer: Quality over Quantity

Author’s Note: Some of this article contains excerpted passages from within my new book, which should be released in the near future. Some of the topics were kept brief as they will be explored more deeply in the book. Meat,…
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Artificial Sweeteners – This is Your Brain on Drugs

Back in the 80’s, I spent my days at school, playing in the yard and woods, fighting with my brother over baseball cards, and watching Thundercats and GI Joe. While doing the latter, every once in a while, the famous…
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The Bitter Benefits of Anticancer Vegetables, Stressful Eating and Chemical Warfare – Part 2

In the last article, we discussed some of the major ways in which cruciferous vegetables and garlic can work as anticancer vegetables to stress our system to fight cancer. Much like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, chemicals in…
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The Bitter Benefits of Anticancer Vegetables, Stressful Eating and Chemical Warfare – Part 1

The movie Full Metal Jacket opens with an infamous barrage of brutal insults and heckling by Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Comedic at times, difficult to the ears at others, his job is wholly to train the troops, prepare them…
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Choosing Your Cheese – Episode 5


In this episode, I discuss what I look for in a healthy and delicious cheese. I cover everything from pasteurization and aging, to the benefits of cheese from grass fed cows and even cows that graze on mountains. Enjoy! Choosing…
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The Bitter Benefits of Bold Red Wine – Episode 4

wine and cancer

In  this episode, I discuss what makes bitter wines taste so bitter and why this may actually be where we find the greatest health benefits. Sit back, reach for a bold red, and enjoy! The Bitter Benefits of Bold Red…
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