Cooking Oils and Cancer – Episode 3

Colin Champ Video

In  this episode, I discuss the chemical structure of fats and oils and explain why this matters when it comes to cancer. I end the talk by listing the oils I use and why. This information was discussed at length…
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Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer – The Link That Never Existed

fat and breast cancer

After the fallout of the lipid hypothesis and creation of the Food Pyramid and Standard American Diet (SAD), anti-fat sentiment picked up speed and began spreading virally throughout the medical field. Dietary fat was reluctantly, but quickly, gaining a reputation…
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Is the Mediterranean Diet the New Ambiguous Diet?

The “calorie is a calorie” crowd has strongly pushed the “eat less, exercise more” message to millions of Americans over the last 30 years. Not surprisingly, intangible psychological and physical failure followed, often coupled with angst and even self-loathing. Perhaps…
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