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The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: The Myths and Where We Stand in 2018

I wrote my first blog post on the ketogenic diet and cancer just over five years ago: A Ketogenic Diet for Cancer followed by another article four years ago, The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Where We Stand. I have been meaning to…
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Got Cancer? Keep Moving: Cancer and Exercise

A cancer diagnosis can be emotionally crippling, and the treatment that follows can be even more crippling, both physically and emotionally. Along these lines, cancer patients are often told to hold off on activity during and after treatment so they…
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Free Radicals, Cancer, and Oxidation: The Rusting of our Body

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I am no stranger to steel. In a city strewn with steel bridges and steel mills, we are no strangers to rust (especially with the Steelers in the past several years). Driving across the Roberto Clemente…
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The Bitter Benefits of Anticancer Vegetables, Stressful Eating and Chemical Warfare – Part 2

In the last article, we discussed some of the major ways in which cruciferous vegetables and garlic can work as anticancer vegetables to stress our system to fight cancer. Much like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, chemicals in…
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The Bitter Benefits of Anticancer Vegetables, Stressful Eating and Chemical Warfare – Part 1

The movie Full Metal Jacket opens with an infamous barrage of brutal insults and heckling by Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Comedic at times, difficult to the ears at others, his job is wholly to train the troops, prepare them…
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Forest Bathing for Your Health – More Stress Turned Good

forest bathing

An easy way to gauge whether something is stressful is to measure cortisone levels. Cortisone, the “stress” hormone is released during tense and stressful situations. My drive to work is apparently one of the most stressful parts of my day…
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Choosing Your Cheese – Episode 5


In this episode, I discuss what I look for in a healthy and delicious cheese. I cover everything from pasteurization and aging, to the benefits of cheese from grass fed cows and even cows that graze on mountains. Enjoy! Choosing…
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IGF-1 and Cancer – The Double-Edged Sword of Health

IGF-1 and cancer

Before we dig into the article on IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, let’s touch upon a couple issues. IGF-1 is an extremely complicated topic, paralleled by the fact that a simple Google search will inform you that it will cause…
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