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The Bitter Benefits of Bold Red Wine – Episode 4

wine and cancer

In  this episode, I discuss what makes bitter wines taste so bitter and why this may actually be where we find the greatest health benefits. Sit back, reach for a bold red, and enjoy! The Bitter Benefits of Bold Red…
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Cooking Oils and Cancer – Episode 3

Colin Champ Video

In  this episode, I discuss the chemical structure of fats and oils and explain why this matters when it comes to cancer. I end the talk by listing the oils I use and why. This information was discussed at length…
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Stress and Cancer – It’s Bad, But Not All Bad

stress and cancer

Several years ago, I was self-experimenting with different dietary attempts to lower my blood sugar and raise my ketones, the energy source that our liver makes when our blood sugar drops. This study had nothing to do with stress and…
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Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer – The Link That Never Existed

fat and breast cancer

After the fallout of the lipid hypothesis and creation of the Food Pyramid and Standard American Diet (SAD), anti-fat sentiment picked up speed and began spreading virally throughout the medical field. Dietary fat was reluctantly, but quickly, gaining a reputation…
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Sprouts and Cancer – Sulfur, Stress, and Fighting Cancer with Food

I have been growing my own sprouts for the past several years for a couple reasons. As I’ll explain below, they are a healthy cancer-fighting plant that trains our immune system to battle foreign invaders. Secondly, they are quite possibly…
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Eat Less, Exercise More and Bad Advice for Cancer Patients

More studies continue to surface showing that cancer patients have a lower risk of their disease coming back if they remain metabolically healthy – i.e. keep off the excess fat, keep blood sugar levels normal, and keep muscles adequately stimulated.1 As a…
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Muscles Fight Cancer – The Science Behind Outmuscling Cancer

Several years back a scientific article revealed that those of us with high “muscular strength” have a lower risk of becoming a victim to cancer – a 40% lower risk to be exact.1 After assessment of almost 9,000 men aged…
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Diet Studies and Cancer – Dealing with the Latest and Greatest Study on the News

diet studies and cancer

We  have all fallen victim to it. The latest and greatest epidemiologic study reveals that coffee prevents cancer only to be replaced by a similar study days later showing that coffee causes cancer. When it supports our coffee habit, we…
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Sleep and Cancer, Circadian Rhythms, and the Color Blue

sleep and cancer

It  is Saturday morning. You have no plans for the day – no work, no chores, no responsibility. You plan on sleeping in; however, as the sun gently begins to jut through your blinds, crawling along the floor, eventually covering…
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My Anti-Cancer Thanksgiving

anti-cancer thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time of the year where we pause to be thankful – thankful for our friends, thankful for our family and, hopefully, thankful for our health. But it is also the beginning of a time of the year…
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