The following are some resources to help you get an idea of what kinds of foods Caveman Doctor eats. You can use it for reference only or can purchase some of the items from Amazon. However, if you can purchase them locally and avoid shipping, Caveman Doctor would rather you do this.

CDR Approved Supplements:

Caveman Doctor thinks you should eat your vitamins from food, however, this is not always possible. Click here for the few vitamins he takes.

Don’t Fear the Fat:

Caveman Doctor does not fear the fat. In fact, he loves it and thanks his ancestors for eating so much of it. Now his body is well-equipped to handle the delicious fat that he consumes on a daily basis. Click here for some of the fats he uses.

Foods in My Fridge/Freezer and Cupboard

Caveman Doctor often gets asked what he eats and what foods he has around the cave. Here is a list of foods in his fridge and freezer (whatever a fridge and freezer is) and those in his cupboard (whatever a cupboard is). You can also view my recent article “Cleaning out Your Closet” to see what the staples are in my fridge and pantry.