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Aristotle, Blood Sugar, and Surviving Cancer: Does A = B = C?

Surviving Cancer

Recently, there has been another addition to the array of medical papers revealing the detrimental effect of elevated blood sugar in patients undergoing treatment for cancer. This paper showed that patients with an episode of elevated blood sugar while receiving…
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Cancer: Luck, Lifestyle or a Little of Both?

Cancer Lifestyle

A recent paper in Science has shown that over two thirds of all cancers apparently come from sheer luck, or bad luck in this instance. Drs. Vogelstein and Tomasetti from Johns Hopkins University took a large amount of data and,…
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Take the Pledge for Breast Cancer Awareness


With breast cancer awareness month recently coming to a close, there is no better time to stress the importance of women taking their health into their own hands. As discussed last week, the entire point of breast cancer awareness is…
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Caveman Doctor Interview on Blogtalkradio Ranked 3rd of 1400 for Health Podcasts!

Can a ‘Caveman Diet’ Help Fight Cancer?   Caveman Doctor is very happy to announce that his recent interview on blogtalkradio with Erin Chamerlik is now ranked no. 3 of 1400 health podcasts. While Caveman Doctor has no clue what…
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