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Ten Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers

Sewickley Farmers' Market

As summer has come to a close and the vibrant hues of the autumn leaves are in full swing, we know winter is around the corner. Fall marks an enjoyable season for many people with the holidays approaching to give…
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It’s Time Animal Rights Activists and Modern Cavemen Unite

Quite the land to roam

A Conversation with Prescott Frost   I recently spoke with Prescott Frost, the great-grandson of Robert Frost, who is an organic grass-fed beef rancher and online butcher extraordinaire. He paints a picture of humans, animals, and nature coexisting in harmony….
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What’s a Cow Share and How Can I Get Involved?

Cow Share

Caveman Doctor is very excited to celebrate this memorable day. What are we celebrating, you may be asking yourself? Today is the one millionth anniversary of the first time Caveman Doctor bagged a Woolly Mammoth on a hunting trip with…
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The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

Image by: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net. http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=587

Caveman Doctor recently traveled to a foreign country to celebrate his brother’s wedding. It was an amazing event, taking place in his fiancé’s hometown. Immediately after catching a cab at the airport to his cave hotel, the cabbie started talking…
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Free Online Viewing of Movie “Fresh” until March 3rd!

Hi everyone! Please click on this link for a free viewing of the amazing new documentary “Fresh”. This is an incredible video that shows the health benefits of buying foods that are farmed and raised according to the laws of…
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Foods in My Cave

Caveman Doctor Refrigerator

Caveman Doctor recently received an email (whatever an email is) asking him what kind of foods he has “sitting around the cave.” Caveman Doctor also received an angry, but funny email from a member (all the way from Israel!) wondering if there…
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