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Ancestral Health 2012 Poster Presentation

    Ancestral Health 2012 Relentless Roger and Caveman Doctor will be discussing a full recap of the symposium in their next podcast. However, for all that weren’t at the Ancestral Health Symposium this year or missed Dr. Champ’s poster…
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Caveman Doctor Interview on Blogtalkradio Ranked 3rd of 1400 for Health Podcasts!

  Can a ‘Caveman Diet’ Help Fight Cancer?   Caveman Doctor is very happy to announce that his recent interview on blogtalkradio with Erin Chamerlik is now ranked no. 3 of 1400 health podcasts. While Caveman Doctor has no clue…
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Insulin, Carbohydrates, Obesity, and More Insulin


Last Friday night after a long week of work, Caveman Cancer Doc was beat.  While he strives to constantly avoid chronic stress, there was just too much this week and he couldn’t avoid it.  He worked hard all week and…
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Can a Caveman Diet Help Fight Prostate Cancer or Even Help Cure It?

Caveman Doctor recently received a question asking how best to fight prostate cancer or cure it with diet.  Caveman Doctor wasn’t sure how to fight or cure anything with his diet as he merely eats the foods that nature provided…
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