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How to Live Forever, Part II: Chewing the Fat

Grandfather Family

In the last installment, we read the first major reason why figuratively “chewing the fat” through conversation and mental stimulation is your best bet to increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. In this week’s post, we…
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Wine, Weight Loss and Low Carbs

Spanish Ketogenic Diet

Another study came out this week illustrating the powerful health benefits of restricting carbohydrates. While this study was not a randomized trial comparing a low and high-fat diet (we already have dozens of those showing the superiority of a higher-fat…
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Can a Caveman Diet Help Fight Prostate Cancer or Even Help Cure It?

Prostate Cancer

Caveman Doctor recently received a question asking how best to fight prostate cancer or cure it with diet. Caveman Doctor wasn’t sure how to fight or cure anything with his diet as he merely eats the foods that nature provided him…
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Enough with the Diet of Moderation!

Doctors: Please Stop Telling Your Patients to Eat “A Diet of Moderation”   We All Know It Usually Means Low-Fat.   Caveman Doctor would like you all to note that the following article does not refer to all doctors, nutritionists,…
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Why Your Doctor Recommends a Low-Fat Diet and What It Has to Do with a Rabbit and a Little Lie.


Caveman Doctor recently received an email from a subscriber asking why his doctor seems to be against fat in the diet. This made Caveman Doctor very confused because his diet has a decent amount of fat in it. In fact, Caveman Doctor…
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